Our Organic Nap Mats are great for Vacation!

Organic Nap Mats - Great for Vacationing too!

  When you think of organic nap mats, one of the first things that come to mind is daycare and preschool use. We usually purchase nap mats for our kids  in  August-right before school starts-or in April/May-right before the class switch for summer time. But we, as Organic Designs, would like to point out a whole other use for our organic nap mats. Our nap mats are so versatile, that they make great vacation companions. Whether you are going camping, going to a friend's/family member's house or just going to a place where there are not enough beds for all...

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What is Your Nap Time Ritual?

Nap Time Ritual

  Nap time is very sacred in our household. Because we have very active children, we take naps very seriously or else the rest of our day becomes -to put it lightly- "off". On the days that we are home from daycare and preschool, we have lunch around 11:30, we put on our pjs and lately have been reading our favorite books -the Curious George series. After the launch of our store, our kids have also been very excited about their new organic nap mats and they insist to sleep on this pattern even if they are home. Because they get...

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Is your Child's Preschool Nap Mat Toxic?

Non toxic Organic Preschool Nap Mat

Childrens' nap mats have a lot of uses. They can be used at daycare, preschool, sleep overs, vacations and many other places. From my family's experience, my children started sleeping on a nap mat when they were 11 months old because they both go to daycare. My older one is still rocking his stylish organic nap mat in preschool and his teacher is telling me he will still be using it in kindergarten as a rest mat to read books and do calm activities on during rest time. So in our case, because our children sleep on their nap mats...

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How do They Get My Kid to Nap at Preschool???

Preschool Nap Time- Organic Nap Mats

  One thing we notice right when we pick up our child at preschool is how he naps at the same exact time everyday and how long he stays asleep. This is awesome and we are very grateful but we wonder how come that doesn't happen at home? The days we are home, we put our child down for a nap and let's just say it's not his favorite time of day since he does not want to fall asleep. He either wants to keep playing with his toys, go outside or just "plain old doesn't want to fall asleep".  I consulted...

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What makes the Organic Designs Nap Mat special?

Our Organic Nap Mats - Why Special

The Organic Designs nap mat has been constructed after many months of research. We wanted to create a safe, healthy and non-toxic product for our kids that they could use everyday. It is organic inside and out, which means it has been built with 100% GOTS or Organic 100 certified organic cotton fabric (depending on the design) and 100% USDA Organic certified organic cotton filling. There are no polyester materials, toxins, chemicals or pesticides in any of our organic fabric or organic filling. We choose our material suppliers very carefully to deliver the utmost quality and durability on our organic...

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