Are you an Organic Family?

 Before we had even launched our organic nap mats, we had decided way before that we wanted to be an organic family. Now what is an organic family? An organic family is one that makes better, healthier choices for food, clothing and everyday items. My husband and I pay very close attention to the ingredients we pick while we are feeding our kids. We refuse to buy chemical filled, processed junk and opt for natural, organically grown and unprocessed foods. We have organic mattresses for our little ones for them to be as healthy as possible when they are sleeping...

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Our Organic Nap Mats are Now on

Organic Nap Mats on

Yes! Our organic nap mats are now on We could not have been more proud and excited to have partnered up with the world's greatest marketplace to  reach more of our customers worldwide. Now all 3 cool styles of our organic nap mats can be purchased -as always- directly from our website and also from our page. We have worked very hard to bring our customers the best quality and designs on our organic nap mats and now to see our products on makes all the hard work definitely worth it! We are just very happy and...

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The Working Mother Guilt

Organic Nap Mats - Working Mom

Are you a working mother? Do you feel guilty when you are not around your kids 5 days a week? Do you miss them SO much at certain times of the day, you just want to run out the door and go give them biggest hug? Well, we are a working mother and we do feel this way. We like working, being productive, and putting that hard earned college degree to good use. But man, do we wish we could be with them more! Eureka! Out of necessity comes invention! After months and months (it's probably been years actually), we...

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How to Choose your Toddler/Preschool Nap Mat?

How to Choose the Right Toddler/Preschool Nap Mat

  We, like many other parents, have been faced with the question "How do we choose the right toddler/preschool nap mat for our children?" There are many factors to consider in choosing the right nap mat for your children. First of all, and most important of all, because they are going to sleep on it every day at school for several hours at a time, they have to be healthy. There should be no off gassing, polyester toxins or chemicals in the nap mat. After reading extensively about the chemical washing with fire retardants, we have also found out that...

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Is Your Preschooler Ready for the Summer?

Summer Routine Changes - Toddler and Preschool

  One of the biggest challenges we find in our household is times where routines change. From feeding time to nap time to play time, kids especially toddlers and preschoolers expect things to be at the same time everyday or at same days of the week every week. It makes them feel safe, we find they are calmer because they know what to expect and it makes things run more smoothly for the parents as well. So when the school year ends in May; whether your child is enrolled in school camps, spending the summer days at grandparents house or...

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