Organic Nap Mats for Summer Camp and Travel

Organic Nap Mat - Travel and Summer Camp

Now that we are in the middle of May, you might begin to wonder to yourself where has the whole year gone? For us parents, it is now that time of the year where it is the last few weeks of school and the decision time about summer activities for our kids. Where should we go on vacation? For how long? In what month? What kind of camp summer camp should I sign up my child for? Swimming, tennis, basketball, lego? Full day or half day?

Whether you are taking a few weeks off to travel for the summer or are signing up for summer camp, be sure to pack our handy dandy and super healthy organic nap mats with you.

Organic Nap Mat - Ocean Life

The first and foremost quality of our organic nap mats is that they are very healthy. They are made from organic cotton so there is nothing toxic or harmful for your child to breathe in. We also never use toxic or chemical washes on our organic nap mats so there are no alterations to the raw materials during and after the process of construction.

Organic Nap Mat - Alphabet

Our organic nap mats are so practical for travelling and summer camp. They roll up very easily and stay rolled with the help of the velcro attached to them. They are lightweight and easy to carry even for your child. When needed for nap time, our organic nap mats roll out flat within seconds and even your toddler or preschooler can set up and roll back up by himself.

Organic Nap Mat - Sleepy Sheep

Our organic nap mats are also made in the USA with the highest quality materials. They last for years to come so once purchased, expect our organic nap mats to last for summer after summer.

So be sure to grab one of our organic nap mats for your next trip or your next summer adventure. And don't forget to have a blast!

Have a great summer!

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