Sleepy Sheep Organic Toddler Comforter



Our Sleepy Sheep organic toddler comforters are absolutely amazing! You want to know why? Well, here is the scoop. We have had our eye on this organic toddler fabric for a while now. It gives out such a playful, happy vibe yet is absolutely soothing and calming for bedtime. The colors are absolutely adorable with the white and gray sheep popping out with the green grass and blue birds around them.

We wanted to make two versions of our Sleepy Sheep organic toddler comforter to give our customers more choices. The first version of this organic toddler comforter, we paired it with a light gray super soft organic cotton flannel. The light gray color adds more coziness and warmth to the sheep fabric and the composure of the organic flannel adds more of a comforting weight and comfortable sleep temperature for little kids.

The second version of our Sleepy Sheep organic toddler comforter features our super posh citron (a yellowish greenish color) organic cotton flannel, which goes great with the grass around the sheep and gives this organic toddler comforter more of a modern look. It is just as warm, soft and comfortable as our light gray organic cotton flannel and just as appealing to the eyes.

As always, we filled our Sleepy Sheep organic toddler comforters with super luxurious organic cotton batting. There is absolutely nothing toxic, chemical or hazardous in any of our products or materials. All our organic toddler comforters are hand made here in the USA in small batches with the utmost care and attention. We support local production, fair wages and protecting the environment. 

Our Sleepy Sheep organic toddler comforters have been an all time favorite since we launched our organic toddler comforter line earlier this year and we are proud to share it with your family from ours!

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