Why do we make Organic Toddler Comforters?


Why do we make organic toddler comforters? We have so many reasons. Where to begin... Well, first of all, your little one spends a huge chunk of his/her day sleeping. Whether it be napping or going in for full night's sleep (wishful thinking!) they need the healthiest environment around them possible. Whether it be their bed sheets, pillows, pillow cases or comforters, we as parents feel responsible to provide them with the best products that we possibly can. My husband and I looked for such a product for a prolonged amount of time with no luck. So we made our own. Our organic toddler comforters are completely organic and free of any toxins, chemicals or hidden dangers. There is only one material used both on the inside and outside: organic cotton.

When designing our version of the best organic toddler comforter, we also had another goal. We wanted it to be super stylish. So we picked the cutest fabric designs we could find out there and made it super appealing to little girls and boys to make them uber excited about cuddling with their organic toddler comforter at bed time.

So far we have our Sleepy Sheep light gray, Sleepy Sheep citron, Pink Scribbles, Ocean Life and Alphabet organic toddler comforters in stock. They all seem to be super popular so we are definitely looking into expanding in more styles.

Which one of our designs is your favorite organic toddler comforter?

-Organic Designs

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