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Our Organic Toddler Pillows... Where to begin to describe how awesome they are?? When our oldest was younger we looked high and low for a nice, healthy and organic toddler pillow with no luck. Given the fact that little kids spend so much of their time sleeping, finding the right toddler pillow was very important to us. Because of this fact, we now created the ultimate product that checks all the boxes on our wish list and makes both parents and children very happy.

Introducing the Organic Designs organic toddler pillow. This pillow is constructed with 100% organic muslin fabric and filled with 100% organic cotton batting. The reason we used muslin is to prevent your child from overheating throughout nap/sleep time and to create a cool and comfortable sleeping environment.

Our organic toddler pillows are lightly filled for a variety of reasons. The first reason is to majorly reduce the risk of suffocation. Your child's face will never be buried in it to allow for such a risk. We take safety very seriously at Organic Designs so we wanted to make that our #1 priority.

Another reason why our organic toddler pillows are light filled is the fact that little children's necks are not long like adults' and they need the proper support to accommodate that. Our pillows are not overbearing on the child's anatomy and make for a very cozy and comfortable sleep.

Last but not least, our organic toddler pillows are light filled because let's just say...accidents happen. Kids get sick, germy, know how it goes. Our pillows are machine washable and the light filling makes for a very easy and short drying experience.

Our organic toddler pillows are also great on the road. Because of their size, they are very easy to carry. Kids tend to get attached to their belongings so if you are travelling, our pillows are very easy to transport and to take along.

Also, you can't beat the price. With comps selling for $49, you just can't beat our current selling price of $32.50. We hope -and are sure!- that you will love our organic toddler pillows as much as we do!

-Organic Designs

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