Organic Toddler Comforters

We have super exciting news! We now have Organic Toddler Comforters! Thanks to our awesome customers like you, our organic store is getting bigger and we keep adding new organic products to our collection. So, a little bit about our organic toddler comforters. On word to describe them would be AWESOME! They are hand made in the USA -as always- with 100% certified organic cotton fabric and batting. One side of the organic comforters feature our stylish super cute fabric for little boys and girls and the other side is made with super soft organic flannel to add a tad bit more warmth during those bitter cold winter nights. They can absolutely be used as reversable depending on the temperature and/or your mood:) 

Our Organic Toddler Comforters are filled generously with certified organic cotton batting. Because organic cotton is more dense than polyester, you donot get a flimsy little blanket with us but rather a high quality, luxurious comforter you can depend on when the weather gets really cold. 

Lastly, another reason why our Organic Toddler Comforters are so awesome is that they are generously sized. They measure at 54 x 20 inches and weigh 4lbs. Your child can start using them over 12 months of age all the way up to (and during) kindergarten. The quality is so superb that they sure will last and grow with your child for years to come.

We are sure you will LOVE our Organic Toddler Comforters as much as we do!

-Organic Designs


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