Love Our Organic Nap Mats?


Do you love our organic nap mats? Well, we've got great news for you. Coming this June, we will start making organic toddler pillow and organic toddler pillow cases with the same quality and cuteness you've been getting from our organic nap mats. We have already started the production and we are super excited! 

The organic toddler pillows are being made with 100% organic fabric and filling. The good thing about these organic pillows is that not only can your toddler use them every night while going to bed, but also they are the same size as the organic pillows in our organic nap mats so you can use as a replacement pillow if you ever needed to. They are also great for travelling, especially for those long plane or car rides and their "toddler" size makes for a super convenient transport.

The organic pillow cases are currently being made as well. They are being constructed from 100% organic fabric designs that are also featured on our organic nap mats. They will feature the cutest colors and designs wile delivering 100% freshness and health for your little one.

So be sure to check out our website later this June and score your organic toddler pillows and organic pillow cases before we all set out again.

As always, thank you very much for your support!

-Organic Designs

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