Our New Organic Nap Mat Collection is Coming This June!

Organic Nap Mats - New Collection

More organic nap mat styles?  Why not?!?  Due to the size of demand and the amazing feedback we have received from our customers, we have decided to make more of our existing styles  of organic nap mats AND add more new ones. We have searched high and low and found the best colors and patterns for our new collection of organic nap mats. 

The first new style is called "Cutest Little Monsters". The outside of this organic nap mat features little round monsters that are yellow, blue and gray on an off white background. We picked a gray organic flannel blanket to pair with it.

                     Solid | Gray


Our second style of new organic nap mats is "Robotland". The super yellow red and blue robots on the blue organic fabric will sure make your toddler feel like they are rocking their daycare or preschool. It comes with an organic blue flannel blanket for added warmth and comfort.

                      Solid | Blue


Our third style of new organic nap mats is the "Squishy Marshmallows". This organic fabric has the cutest little multi color marshmallows on a pinkish red background. This adorable organic nap mat comes with an organic gray blanket as well.




We still have our existing fox and raccoon organic nap mats. All these new organic nap mats will be available for shipping late June 2015 but you can certainly pre order and secure your favorite style now. Get them before they all set out super fast again!

As always, thank you for your support and being a valued customer.

-Organic Designs

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