Are you an Organic Family?

 Before we had even launched our organic nap mats, we had decided way before that we wanted to be an organic family. Now what is an organic family? An organic family is one that makes better, healthier choices for food, clothing and everyday items. My husband and I pay very close attention to the ingredients we pick while we are feeding our kids. We refuse to buy chemical filled, processed junk and opt for natural, organically grown and unprocessed foods. We have organic mattresses for our little ones for them to be as healthy as possible when they are sleeping 10-12 hours a night. We believe this is very important for their mental and physical development as everything that goes into or on their bodies are building blocks for their growing bodies.

It is under this framework that we constructed our organic nap mats because our toddler and preschooler go to daycare and preschool 5 days a week. They sleep on their nap mats in all of those 5 days and their little bodies breathe in whatever is in that nap mat. So, say if yours has chemical off gassing, flame retardant washes and polyester, that is what your little one breathes in 2-3 hours a day every day. With our organic nap mats, they breathe in fresh, healthy, organic fabric and organic batting and there are no other materials or chemicals in our fabric and batting. We have designed them with the utmost care and concern because before we started opening our company, our toddler and preschooler were using them first. We are very proud and excited to share our organic nap mats with our customers as they have worked great with our own family.

So, are you an organic family?

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