The Working Mother Guilt

Organic Nap Mats - Working Mom

Are you a working mother? Do you feel guilty when you are not around your kids 5 days a week? Do you miss them SO much at certain times of the day, you just want to run out the door and go give them biggest hug? Well, we are a working mother and we do feel this way. We like working, being productive, and putting that hard earned college degree to good use. But man, do we wish we could be with them more!

Eureka! Out of necessity comes invention! After months and months (it's probably been years actually), we have pondered upon this idea of how we can be more with our kids. We cannot not be in the workforce, since we need to provide for our family. However, we came up with an item made SPECIALLY from them that they would use everyday and think of us! The launch of the ORGANIC NAP MAT! Not only is it special for them but also it is organic and non toxic. So when they put their heads on it everyday, they are not breathing in anything toxic or chemical. Our organic nap mats are thick and plush and provide plenty of cushioning for their tiny little bodies. And they have the coolest designs for them to show off at daycare and be proud!

If you would like to check out our organic nap mats, feel free to browse our shop section and get one for your little one to show how much you care about his/her well being even when you are not with them all the time.



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  • Cynthia

    I’m so glad I came across this website! I try really hard to limit the amount of chemicals my son is exposed to, but I feel like while he’s at daycare, I have limited control over the matter. It’s great to see that there’s organic nap mats out there. The one my son is currently using is made of polyester, so I’m happy about this new line.
    Do you currently have any discounts going on like free shipping?

    Thank you,

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