Is Your Preschooler Ready for the Summer?

Summer Routine Changes - Toddler and Preschool


One of the biggest challenges we find in our household is times where routines change. From feeding time to nap time to play time, kids especially toddlers and preschoolers expect things to be at the same time everyday or at same days of the week every week. It makes them feel safe, we find they are calmer because they know what to expect and it makes things run more smoothly for the parents as well.

So when the school year ends in May; whether your child is enrolled in school camps, spending the summer days at grandparents house or staying home with you, it signifies a routine change just like the one we mentioned.

In our case, our kids continue on daycare with summer camps. The teachers are pretty good about sticking to the same time routine but the activities change. There seems to be less school work and more play time. Less strictness more goof time. There usually are a lot of new friends and because they go up a class, they are in a new environment with new teachers in a new class.

The first few weeks seem to be an adjusting period and can be a little challenging but then it becomes all smooth sailing. With some pep talk from mommy and daddy, eating right with their organic lunches and snacks, and sleeping on their Organic Designs organic nap mats, they are healthy, happy and well adjusted to their summer.

What are some of your tricks to adjusting routine changes for your kids? We would love to hear from you!

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