Our Organic Nap Mats are great for Vacation!

Organic Nap Mats - Great for Vacationing too!


When you think of organic nap mats, one of the first things that come to mind is daycare and preschool use. We usually purchase nap mats for our kids  in  August-right before school starts-or in April/May-right before the class switch for summer time. But we, as Organic Designs, would like to point out a whole other use for our organic nap mats. Our nap mats are so versatile, that they make great vacation companions. Whether you are going camping, going to a friend's/family member's house or just going to a place where there are not enough beds for all the kids, our organic nap mats step in and do the job for you! 

The first reason our organic nap mats are great for vacation is the fact that they roll very easily and stay put with the velcro attachments. They also have a handle to make them very easy for carrying. Because they are light weight and portable, you can take them anywhere with you with no hassle.

The second reason that makes our organic nap mats ideal for vacations is that they are nice and plush so if there not enough beds for all the kids at your vacation destination,  the kids can sleep on them very comfortably. Especially in the case of younger kids, you don't even have to worry about them falling out of bed, because they will already be on the ground.

Another reason why our nap mats are awesome for your older infants, toddler, preschooler or even kindergartener, is the fact that they are machine washable and very durable. We wash our organic nap mats at home every week and because of the quality of the materials and detail of the construction, they stay in the original shape and condition week after week. So you can take our organic nap mats anywhere with you-to the beach, to the mountains, countryside, anywhere-and just one machine wash and dry will get them nice and clean again.

We hope you will enjoy our organic nap mats as much as we do on your vacation. No matter where you are going with your family this spring/summer, we hope you have the best time and create unforgettable memories.


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