What is Your Nap Time Ritual?

Nap Time Ritual


Nap time is very sacred in our household. Because we have very active children, we take naps very seriously or else the rest of our day becomes -to put it lightly- "off". On the days that we are home from daycare and preschool, we have lunch around 11:30, we put on our pjs and lately have been reading our favorite books -the Curious George series. After the launch of our store, our kids have also been very excited about their new organic nap mats and they insist to sleep on this pattern even if they are home. Because they get so excited from running around since the wee hours of the morning, nap time usually last about 3 hours for each of them. Around 3pm, they wake up and go back to their usual cheerful, active, super cute selves!

What is your nap time ritual??

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