Is your Child's Preschool Nap Mat Toxic?

Non toxic Organic Preschool Nap Mat

Childrens' nap mats have a lot of uses. They can be used at daycare, preschool, sleep overs, vacations and many other places. From my family's experience, my children started sleeping on a nap mat when they were 11 months old because they both go to daycare. My older one is still rocking his stylish organic nap mat in preschool and his teacher is telling me he will still be using it in kindergarten as a rest mat to read books and do calm activities on during rest time.

So in our case, because our children sleep on their nap mats every day for 2-3 hours at a time, me and my husband got very concerned about the materials they breathe in during that time. The conventional regular nap mats are filled with polyester and flame retardants that are horrible for children in the sense that they cause developmental issues, release carcinogens, affect their lungs and the list goes on and on. Just do a quick research online and you can see all the effects. I was going to publish some of the newspaper articles here but I am being told blogging does not allow that:(

Because of all these health risks, we did not want to put our children's health in jeopardy and created an organic nap mat ourselves. We asked for organic certification from our material suppliers before creating our product to ensure that our mat is certified organic cotton in and out. We also picked our suppliers from the US to ensure that the certification is not fabricated as could be the case from some suppliers overseas. Our organic nap mat is non toxic, eco friendly, and free of chemicals and pesticides. Oh-not to mention-we also picked our manufacturer locally to treat mother nature so we wouldn't have to pollute the earth with extra fumes and gasses.

We hope you enjoy stylish organic nap mat because in our family, we certainly do!

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