How do They Get My Kid to Nap at Preschool???

Preschool Nap Time- Organic Nap Mats


One thing we notice right when we pick up our child at preschool is how he naps at the same exact time everyday and how long he stays asleep. This is awesome and we are very grateful but we wonder how come that doesn't happen at home? The days we are home, we put our child down for a nap and let's just say it's not his favorite time of day since he does not want to fall asleep. He either wants to keep playing with his toys, go outside or just "plain old doesn't want to fall asleep".  I consulted his teacher and she said at preschool, he is surrounded by his peers and it seems like the "cool" thing to do since they are all napping at the same time. That sounds like a very reasonable explanation to us and we are glad it happens. That gives us the idea maybe we should invite a bunch of preschool kids to our house over the weekends so we can have a smooth sailing nap time!:)

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